Annette's Creations

centerpieceAnnette’s Creations designs unique, artistically exquisite personalized edible chocolate
creations and centerpieces that captivate the beholder’s eyes and delight the palette.

Annette’s Creations creates edible chocolate art and sets up events in Washington, D.C.,
Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  Arrangements can be made (and
have been) to do events in other States.

Each chocolate piece is individually created using only the finest chocolate and
ingredients.  Prices are determined by the complexity of design and size.

Our goal is to make your celebration a memorable, unique, meaningful event.  Annette ’s Creations’ desire is to make the room dazzle with creativity and smell of incredible, mouth-watering chocolate and when you open the door to your event room…. WOW!

Each client is truly special, and we look forward to working with you to achieve your dreams.